Summary Edit

Soji (Tobias Hendrick Quetzlington) is one of the main characters. Elliot notices Soji watching her from time to time. Elliot is formally introduced to him when Mamma Boon and Bodacious Bum invite Elliot to help Bum in her pageant. Mamma goes on an alcohol binge while Bum is competing so Bum (who is 7 and a half I might add) has to drive her home. Elliot is left by herself at the building and is forced to find her way out. Elliot wanders to the basement and stumbles accross 'The Elliot Fanclub Meeting.'

Physical Appearance Edit

Soji appears to be a ghost, with no legs and four arms, and pitch black eyes. He looks similar to a rabbit, too, with his cream colored fur, big ears, and tufts on his head. He usually "wears" a maroon coat with white buttons, and tufts of cotton on his neck and arms.

Personality Edit

Relationships Edit

Abilities Edit

Being a ghost, he has powers like transparency and floating. However, with the powers of a poltergeist, he can move objects without coming in contact with them and suspend objects in movement. He is shown to be able to multitask using his powers, often moving multiple objects at once while still doing other things. When focused, he can be shown to have great power, such as moving air rapidly to create whirlwinds or stopping massive objects or even things like rain from falling. Besides his supernatural abilities, he is very skilled at the art of poetry, screenwriting, and opera.

Motif Edit

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