Summary Edit

Pigishica (full name: Pigishica Stella Roschi) is one of the main characters in the game.

Physical Appearance Edit

Pigishica is a pink creature that resembles a pig/boar. She has a large spherical body, with rather skinny legs and arms with claws. Her head is a smaller sphere with two large trumpet-like ears. She has a large snout and long eyelashes.

Personality Edit

Pigishica is a snooty, bossy fashion designer, who acts rather disgusted towards things she considers below her. She tries to keep a confident and know-it-all attitude around people, but if she is humiliated she will become very angry and outraged. From time to time, she can be shown to be very demonic and satanic, and may attempt to summon supernatural forces impulsively. However, she does have a rare apologetic and caring side, and can lighten up to people she considers her friends.

Relationships Edit

Elliot- At the beginning of the game Pigishica has a snarky and stuck up attitude towards Elliot due to all of the mishaps involving Pigishica's fashion. However, later in the game, Elliot befriends Pigishica and even gets Pigishica as a party member.

Mamma Boon/Bodacious Bum- Pigishica is rather unfamiliar to Mamma and Boon. She is introduced to them by Elliot, whom is the friend of all three of them.

Izve- Pigishica's adoptive mother. Pigishica is usually annoyed and embarrased by her mom's attempts to be "cool' to her and her friends. She seems ungrateful at times for her, but she still deeply cares for her in secret.

Tiffany- Pigishica is probably the best of friends with Tiffany. They may disagree at times, but they are usually on the same regards. However, it is usually Tiffany's job to make sure Pigishica doesn't destroy everything, more often then not.

Sebastian- Pigishica and Sebastian are good friends. Pigishica often stands up for Sebastian when Monica gives him a hard time.

Monica- A good word to describe Pigishica and Monica's relationship is "Frenemies". They often get in fights but generally work well together when they're not quarreling.

The Ghost Trio- Pigishica really only knows Soji. However, they have a surprisingly positive relationship, as Pigishica may be the only person who doesn't mind Soji's odd choice of clothes.

Tim- Both of them seem to not be fond of each other, but they share similar dislikes, which, once in a while, they can relate excellently to one another.

Connie- Connie tries to be nice to Pigishica, but Pigishica usually criticizes her fashion or her naiveness.

Abilities Edit

Pigishica is very talented at fashion design, even making it possible to use fashion as a weapon. She is also very well-known, making it easy for her to spread information and trends. One of her powerful weapons, however, is harnessing the power of The Dark Baby in the form of magic and witchcraft. She can do this in the form of possession, sacrifices, and even animation of non-living objects.

Motif Edit

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