Summary Edit

Anastasia Meredith Boon, (better known as "Mamma Boon" or just "Mamma") is the mother of Bodacious Bum.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mamma Boon appears to be a fat, wrinkly whale with stubby arms and legs. Her normal clothes consist of a dark red shirt and light blue jeans that barely fit her. Mamma's physical shape is not so thin. Due to the years of alcoholism and binge eating, Mamma became very... "rounded". She has five chins hat she has dubbed, Harry, Larry, Gary, Jerry, and Mary. On special occasions, Mamma wears her hair straight down and sports a long red dress with glitter strewn everywhere on it, similar to Bum's.

Personality Edit

Mamma's personality is similar to her daughter's. Mamma is very competitive at times and often pressures Bum too much during her pageants. Mamma is also very careless with things, such as her own health and even Bum's safety at times. The cause of this laziness is most likely the large quantity of alcohol that she ingests. Despite her less favorable qualities, she still strives to be a good mother for Bum, sometimes at the expense of her well-doing. She will always make time for Bum, no matter what her schedule may contain. They spend mother-to-daughter time together driving, visiting new places, and even plotting against their rivals. Mamma Boon has a secret side of her too, which is her massive intelligence for chemistry and physics. She secretly researches these, and is one of the smartest in that field, staying anonymous however. She does that to avoid publicity, which could put more stress on her or put Bum in danger.

Relationships Edit



Abilities Edit

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