Summary Edit

Elliot is the the protagonist of the game. She is introduced in the beginning, as a normal girl leading a quiet life in a small town. However, after finding more evidence leading to her parents' disappearance, she decides to embark on a search to find them.

Physical Appearance Edit

Elliot is a 13-year-old girl with green eyes, blonde hair, and rosy pink skin. She wears a long yellow coat, blue pants, and brown boots that seem to be muddy.

Personality Edit

Elliot is a somewhat outgoing person, but does not trust a lot of people. If angry or focused, she can be quite sarcastic to others around her. She usually forms strong bonds with her friends, and often sympathizes or motivates them.

Relationships Edit

Rocco- Elliot first saw Rocco as

Mamma Boon/Bodacious Bum- She viewed them as stereotypical southerners at first, but she soon came to like them. She likes their inventiveness and their exciting ideas from time to time.

Pigishica- She

The Ghost Trio- She views Hoah and Joulle as over attached and kind of creepy. She feels mixed feelings for Soji, because she likes to talk to him and they have a real friendship, but he can be a little intrusive sometimes.

Abilities Edit

She is very good at deductive reasoning and critical thinking, often leading her group ahead in her search.


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