Summary Edit

Beatrice Umbridge Murbellington (better known as "Bodacious Bum" or just "Bum") is the daughter of Mamma Boon, and a main character along with her and Elliot.

Physical Appearance Edit

Bum appears to be an short, chubby, orange dinosaur with curly red hair. She wears an orange bow in her hair, and has two black dot eyes and a large mouth. Her normal clothing is usually a long-sleeved pink T-shirt with a heart on it, and blue pants. Bum's pageant outfits come in a variety of colors and shapes. One of Bum's most famous costumes is a spider outfit with four extra arms seamed to the sides. She also owns a long ball gown with glitter everywhere on the gown, and countless other exotic or bizarre outfits.

Personality Edit

Bum is extremely hyperactive and talkative. She seems to be mostly happy, but is also be very sassy and pretty blunt. She is relatively "redneck", meaning she likes doing crazy and exciting things, and often ends up in weird situations doing so. She is also optimistic and ambitious, and always hopes for the better. In the pageant world, she tends to be very competitive and outgoing. Proving that Bum is competitive, Bum has an alternate personality named, "Ferocious Bum" that she turns into whenever she is threatened or angry. It's similar to the fight or flight response that we have, only much more drastic and savage. Despite acting rather dumb, she is actually relatively intelligent, giving her a hidden weapon in pageants to outsmart other contestants. She greatly supports her friends and family, often angered if they are humiliated or injured.

Relationships Edit

Elliot- Bum was very excited to help Elliot and her friends when they first met. She was constantly talking to Elliot about everything about her, and her pageants, etc. It seemed to bore Elliot at first, so Bum made sure to impress Elliot with her pageant skills. After helping Elliot deduce a problem, and revealing her intelligence, Elliot started listening to Bum more, and even adding in comments or her own stories.

Mamma Boon- Mamma is, of course, Bum's mother. They share a very special yet odd mother-to-child relationship, as they both love each other deeply, but are also very blunt and sort of judgemental to each other too. People could interpret this as them being rude to each other, but in reality, they just like to be honest to each other.

Soji- Bum is fascinated by the fact that Soji is a ghost, and is constantly asking him questions about being a ghost. While sometimes the questions may be interesting and challenging, it is mostly blabber and hyperactivity. Bum tries to write poetry for him, but it is usually not of great quality, making Soji feel worried about criticizing her.

Pigishica- They both have a love for clothes and audiences, which in some cases Pigishica may design a pageant outfit for Bum, in exchange for her advertising her fashion company. Pigishica had a past in pageants, giving Bum tips and tricks for competition. Bum sometimes suggests fashion ideas, which gives Pigishica inspiration for rather odd designs,

Tim- After realizing she was being ignored by Tim, she stepped up the ante and would follow him and often get him into embarrassing and unpleasant situations, much to his annoyance. However, using her intelligence to help Tim be more attractive, he eventually became more tolerant of her and even helps her sometimes.

Connie- Bum always eagerly talks to Connie, who was glad to talk to her from the beginning. They are both very excited, often talking about random things joyfully and brainlessly. Bum loves to talk about her clothes and friends, which Connie eagerly listens to, happy to chat with her.

Abilities Edit

She is skilled at brainstorming pageant costumes, and is good at competing in a wide range of activities in them, such as singing, dancing, and lots of atrociously dangerous things like fencing and tight roping, although she may fail at times. She also has great strength in her "Ferocious Bum" form. However, probably her best asset is her knowledge in chemistry and physical science, often using redneck inventions to turn the competitors against each other.

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